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oo1. Name: Lauren but all my friends call me Gotti(no mafia relation)
oo2. Age: 14
oo3. Location: Jersey born and raised
oo4. Male or Female: Female
oo5. How did you hear about eye_candiecuties? I was applying for _simply_raidant and i checked out the sister communites and this community caught my eye.
oo6. Name 2 words that describes your personality: Crazy(in a good way) and bubbly
oo7. Name 3 things you like: Cheerleading because i am a hard core cheerleader for star athletics and i just find it fun to flip all around and do all the stunts. Shopping because i love to try differnt things on and see how i look and Writting. I love to write cause its a way to express my feelings, and no matter how bad people may think it is, it comes from my heart and its one of those things that makes me happy inside. That fuzzy feeling.
oo8. Name 3 things you dislike: I dislike labeling. Everyone is their own person no matter what they wear or what they listen to. You could listen to punk rock music and wear abercrombie and fitch, and i dont think that there is anything wrong with it. People should be able to dress they way they want and act they way they want without being called a "poser". I also dislike those groups of popular girls/guys in schools, the so-called "plastics". Well, not all groups in schools, just the ones in my school. The criteria to fit in with them is to have a lot of money ,be wanted by every guy/girl and to be mean to all the other people "below" you and in reality that isnt right. Just because theses "popular" people may have more money then others, doesnt make them god. Lastly I dislike people who drive and talk on their cell phones/eat/put on make-up/etc. while they're driving. I don't drive yet, im only 14, but my sister does and these people do not pay any attention at all. They like cross into a million lanes and then blame it on you, gosh does that annoy me.
oo9. Name at least 5 of your favorite artists/bands? Fall out boy, The Early November, Dashboard Confessional, Mae, Death Cab For Cutie, AC/DC, Nirvanna, Green Day, Something Corporate, The Starting line, Straylight Run, Taking Back Sudnday etc.
o10. What's your favorite song[s]: My favorite song is Cute without the e (cut from the team) by Taking Back Sunday
o11. Favorite color: red
o12. Favorite movie? The Notebook/A Walk To Remember
o13. Favorite TV show? 24 and house
o14. What do you like most about your body features? I reallie like my eyes. Their just really deep and brown. People say u can tell how im feeling by looking into them
o15. Who is your favorite celebrity? Keifer Sutherland/Elisha Cuthburt
o16. What do you think about our mods? From what i hear and see, i think their very pretty and nice people.
o17. Finish the sentence: I'm really good at ________. Cheerleading. Dont stero-type, its not just jumping up and down and acting ditzy, its pretty hard work jumping 5 feet in the air, flipping(like back handsprings backflips and stuff) and lifting grls maybe ur exact weight.
o18. Please Promote us in at least one community: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ha_nd_s_do_wn/26584.html

o19. 3 Pictures:

thank you for taking the time to look this over

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