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oo1. Name: Jordin
oo2. Age: 14
oo3. Location: CT
oo4. Male or Female: Female
oo5. How did you hear about eye_candiecuties?It's a sister community to _simply_radiant where I'm a member.

oo6. Name 2 words that describes your personality: Energetic, Friendly.
oo7. Name 3 things you like: Softball, dancing and running.
oo8. Name 3 things you dislike: Celery, The Red Sox, when people grind their teeth really hard.
oo9. Name at least 5 of your favorite artists/bands? Blink 182, Thrice, Alien Ant Farm, Hawthorne Heights, Strata, Eminem, Fall Out Boy, 50 Cent, Boxcar Racer- this list could go on forever..
o10. What's your favorite song[s]:"Artist in the Ambulance"-Thrice, "Gat Man"-50Cent &Eminem, "Mr. Brightside"-The Killers
o11. Favorite color: RED!!!
o12. Favorite movie? The Notebook
o13. Favorite TV show? anything on FoodTV, I'm a sucker for cooking shows
o14. What do you like most about your body features?my legs or my hair [if hair counts]
o15. Who is your favorite celebrity?Ryan Gosling or Gary Sheffield(even though hes a baseball player)
o16. What do you think about our mods? They are lovely and have moderated a great community here, that's why I want to join!
o17. Finish the sentence: I'm really good at ________.Softball, or dancing.
o18. Please Promote us in at least one community: 00promowh0rezx
o19. 3 Pictures:
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