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oo1. Name: Amanda, but I prefer to be called Mandy ;)
oo2. Age: 15
oo3. Location: Miami, Florida
oo4. Male or Female: Female
oo5. How did you hear about eye_candiecuties? one of my best friends had you guys added to her communities list, and I love rating communities

oo6. Name 2 words that describes your personality: Carefree, and spontaneous
oo7. Name 3 things you like: horses, music, video games
oo8. Name 3 things you dislike: wasps, smeared eyeliner/mascara, tripping over things.
oo9. Name at least 5 of your favorite artists/bands? Good Charlotte, The Ataris, Ashlee Simpson, Ryan Cabrera, and New Found Glory
o10. What's your favorite song[s]: I always change my favorite songs but at the moment it's Candy Shop by 50 cent f/ Olivia
o11. Favorite color: Orange! :D
o12. Favorite movie? hmm...that's's between The Matrix or Napoleon Dynamite, or the Notebook...ahh too many!
o13. Favorite TV show? The O.C.
o14. What do you like most about your body features? I loove my boobs, oh and my nose too.
o15. Who is your favorite celebrity? Ashlee Simpson <3
o16. What do you think about our mods? They're all reallly pretty, I hope I get accepted :D
o17. Finish the sentence: I'm really good at ________. putting make-up on other people.
o18. Please Promote us in at least one community:
o19. 3 Pictures:

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