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Put "stamped" in your subject line so we know you've been accepted!
Feel free to promote other communities once you have been accepted!
Stamped members, when voting on a new member, please put yes or no in the subject line, it's much much easier for us to count up the yes's and no's.
Members, be honest when voting! if you don't think they're cute, say it. When voting, 80% of the vote goes on looks and the last 20% goes on application/personality.
Once accepted, you may post whatever you want in the community!
if posting pictures (big or small) put behind an lj cut please.

Please use the application in the text box below...it is already in an lj-cut for you. Just copy and paste it when you make your application entry. You must be at least 14 years of age or older to apply.
Put 'new' or something similar in the subject line to let us know that you're new and applying.
Don't vote or comment anywhere until you are accepted.
Once you have joined the community, you have 2 days to submit your application!
Don't get mad once you have been rejected. keep rude comments to yourself.
If you choose to ignore this rule, you will be banned permanently
Remember, this is an HONEST rating community, you put yourself up for rating, so take the criticism that comes with it.
If you get rejected, you have another chance: try again in a week. If you get rejected again after that, find another community!
Do not argue with the mods or stamped members or you will be banned!
This community is for both girls and guys













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